Jr. High and High School…

It seems like life is always changing!

This month, you grew an inch more than you did in the last two years. You know what’s going on in the world. You have a cell phone, maybe an Xbox One , you thrive on social media, and you’re showing your parents how to use technology.

Last you counted; you had 887 friends/followers online and maybe a group of [real] friends in life.

So why do you still feel disconnected!?

Maybe it’s all the homework they give you at school [*Shakes Fist-HOMEWORK!!!]. Or the big game your coach needs you to practice for. Or maybe you have a lot of responsibility on your shoulders. You feel like people expect you to get into Harvard and if you don’t your life will be ruined. You’re starting to become an adult but you’re stuck in this demographic called “Teenager”.

When will they see that you’re not just a kid anymore?!


There is someone who knows exactly how you feel. He knows, because He made you. And to prove it, He also went through all of this Himself.

Jesus Christ knows how amazing, wonderful, spectacular and hard your life is. He showed us how to make it meaningful, through love and sacrifice. In turn, He asked us to do the same.

Malibu Presbyterian Church strives to connect the unconnected to Christ and together grow in full adoration for Him. Maybe you’ve heard about “God” before in your life, Sunday School, or in conversation. Maybe you’re just beginning to ask if there’s something else out there.

Here, you will be introduced to a Christ Centered Community. We aren’t perfect but we strive to follow the one who is perfect! Here at Youth Group at Malibu Presbyterian Church, you will find an open, real, and really fun community that will strive to love you… for you. Again we aren’t perfect or claim to be perfect but we are whole because we have a Savior who makes us whole. We create fun/engaging environments where you can just BE… be the you who God created you to be! So please know that our doors are always open for you come join in on all the crazy awesome adventures. Just make sure to check out our calendar and don’t miss out on all of the awesomeness.


Director of Youth Ministries at Malibu Presbyterian Church

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