By Schmeefy (Matt)


Sunday intro


Easy–God first. Done.

If it were that easy prioritizing wouldn’t be a weeklong topic and honestly writing about this is tough because I fail at this monthly weekly daily. Yeah, daily. WE ARE HUMAN! No matter how many F’s or L’s we take in a day, God gives out more than second chances and we have the opportunity to try again tomorrow. Thank God! Try to make that a priority this week.


Monday meat


Family, friends, school, sports, church…how are you supposed to balance it all? It wasn’t too long ago that Joel, Alyssa and I were in your shoes, and actually we still are. It just looks a little different. By no means do any of us have it all figured out and always prioritize perfectly every day. You probably have heard “seek first the kingdom of God” for the Bible says this in several passages but if you’re like me I tend to seek first what I’m going to have for lunch or what I’m going to do instead of my homework. Don’t be discouraged because our God will never give up on us and will always let us seek the kingdom even if it isn’t always first.

If you went to our Spring Treat in last April then you were introduced into the topic of being in constant presence with God; another thing that is definitely easier said than done. In a world surrounded by busy schedules, technology, and pressure to succeed, it’s no wonder why we struggle with putting God first and seeking His kingdom instead of checking stories on Instagram and SnapChat. How about checking the stories of Abraham, Moses, and Jesus–their stories don’t expire after 24 hours. However, we tend to forget them in less than 24 hours.


Tuesday talk it out with someone

I wish everyone had the same opportunity to talk this out with a 3-6 year old but chances are slim that the youngin will be able to relate to your crazy schedule and how God fits into it all. That being said, feel free to try that if the opportunity arises (and is appropriate!) but for most of us, talk it out with a fellow student in middle or high school, preferably someone that doesn’t go to Malibu Pres but you know is a Christian. Don’t be weird about talking it out like I would be. Ask normal questions and share your answers too so it isn’t one sided. Good luck! Make a friend or strengthen a friendship today through this!


Wednesday research it

Look up Brother Lawrence. Who is he? How does he relate to the topic of prioritizing?

Thursday reflection

What would help you put God first throughout your everyday life? Think of 3-5 things to do. If nothing comes to mind right away, ask a parent or friend for their thoughts on the matter. Or feel free to ask God what He thinks. He knows a thing or two about this.


Friday live it out

You made it to FRIDAY! More like Fri-YAY! Now is when you get to take what you have talked about, researched, and reflected on over the last couple days and put it to action. Ideally, the goal is for you to live it out every day but let’s start with today and see how it goes. Deal? Okay, of your 3-5 things you thought of yesterday choose 1 or 2 to really focus on today and live those out.


Saturday You Recap it

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