This summer at Build we are bring the devotionals to you!  So just in case you aren’t around a bunch this summer… you still be able to Build with us!

Adventuring by Joel Dunn

Sunday- When was the last time you truly went on a real adventure? Are you thinking about it right now? What made it a “real adventure” for you? You see, I LOVE to adventure! And to be honest I think that’s an understatement. I love going to new places and I love experiencing new things. To be honest though I would try [almost] anything once, it’s the getting me to do it a second time that’s the challenge. I want to invite you this week to go on a an adventure, to try something new, and to experience Gods creation in such a way that all you would want to do is Adventure with Jesus.

Monday- On the TV show Jeopardy, they had a category called “Oxymorons”. An oxymoron is a combination of words that seem to contradict each other. For example: Old news, Work party, Hot chili, Peace force, Same difference, Bad luck, Dull shine, New tradition, Harmless sin, Loose tights, Dodge Ram, Bitter sweet, Jumbo shrimp, Pretty ugly, Icy hot, Confirmed atheist, Feather weight, Freezer burn, Mandatory option, Postal service, Military intelligence, Ill health, Microsoft Works,

You might say, “Joel, where are you going with this??” Well from a non-Christian point of view, who would put “adventure” and “Christianity” together. What could be adventurous about sitting in a church, singing songs written 200 years ago, and listening to a boring sermon from the Bible.

Go open your bible right now to Acts 9:1-16.

 Now that sounds like an adventure! Sir Ernest Shackleton was a British explorer. He was born in Ireland on Feb. 15, 1874. He was educated at Dulwich College and served in the merchant marines. He was also a lieutenant in the Royal Navy. But he is known primarily for his expeditions to Antarctica. He established all kinds of records in exploring this continent at the bottom of the earth. On one occasion while he was there, he ascended Mount Erebus, a mountain covered with ice, 13,120 feet high. On January 16, 1909, he determined the position of the south magnetic pole. On another expedition his ship, The Endurance, got caught in the ice pack and sank. He had to leave 22 men behind. And with 5 companions he made a 1200 mile journey in a 22 foot whale boat through the stormiest ocean in the world to South Georgia, an island off the coast of Argentina, for help. After four attempts, the stranded men who had been left behind were rescued more than ten months later.

On his return trip to the Antarctic, Shackleton had a sudden heart attack and died at sea. His life was a life of exploration, of pioneering, of adventure, and of challenge. Before taking one of his trips to the Antarctic, he assembled his crew by putting the following ad in a London newspaper. “Men wanted for hazardous journey. Small wages; bitter cold; long months of complete darkness; constant danger; safe return doubtful; honor and recognition in case of success.” The ad was signed – “Shackleton” Hundreds responded instantly to the call. They were ready to sacrifice all for the elation of adventure and uncertain honor.

My question to you is should Gods children do less? Where do you go to find adventure as Christian?


Tuesday- I heard a story about a reporter who came to a construction site and found three men at work.

He asked the first man what he was doing. – “Hauling Bricks” was his reply

He asked the second man what he was doing. – “Earning a living” was his reply.

He asked the third worker what he was doing. – “Building a skyscraper” he replied.

Christians who live a life of adventure see themselves as builders. – They have a vision of Gods Kingdom. So go text someone, call someone, or better yet sit down with someone and ask them about their greatest adventure they have ever had.


Wednesday- Who was Acts 9:1-16 written for/about? [Use Google]


Thursday- Down Below “Write Out” your favorite adventure You have ever been on.


Friday- Put down this Devo and go on an adventure today. GO!


Saturday- What did you learn about your relationship with God this week?

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