COMMUNITY  AKA: Common Unity

By Schmeefy Boy (Matt)  


Sunday intro

If your life were a TV show, who would be in it? The best friend, your crush, the  random person who appears in every fifth episode? You get the idea. This week is not just recognizing your community but why it is your unique community.


Monday meat


Church is more than just Sunday service and Bible study, I think we can all agree on that. But why is it? It’s important to have your own reasons but one that I encourage to explore more in depth is the idea of church being a community. When I think of a community, I envision a web of people that are connected by a shared job, location, activity, the list goes on and on and is not limited to really anything. Your family, friends, and neighbors are usually who we usually think about as our community because that’s who we interact with the most in our everyday lives.

As the imperfect people we are, we need all the support and encouragement we can get to live the Christian life that God has intended for us. God never says ‘you must endure this alone’ instead He calls us to lift one another up and rely on our brothers and sisters in Christ for guidance. Ephesians 4:11-14 talks about us belonging to the body of Christ–i.e. Church or the community–and not being like infants tossed back and forth by ungodly things. Our community is our support and we are called to be the support for the community too.

Having a community is so important and I was lucky to find a community at Malibu Presbyterian when I started college at Pepperdine University three years. I still consider my family to be a big part of my community–especially my mom, even though we’re a thousand miles apart. At Pepperdine, I am surrounded by lots of other people my own age who have also left home to attend college. Some of you may be looking to the future (aww scary) and seeing where you may go to college but something I almost lost when choosing a college was my faith. Not in the way you may be thinking though. I still fully believed in God, yet I did not fully accept and have faith that He would lead me in the right direction of my future.

All that to say, God has chosen every person in who we call our community for a purpose and that person could play a significant role in shaping who we are or a not so significant role, we may never know. What we do know is: God works in mysterious ways and through people we least expect Him to.



Tuesday talk it out with someone

Discuss with someone 25 or older how their view of community has changed since they were your age.


Wednesday research it

Visit the internet and make a list combining the most positive traits of a strong community from 3 different sites.


Thursday reflection

Does your community show these traits? Some more obvious than others? Now think how you can contribute to these traits because believe it or not, people in your community probably consider you a part of their community. Are you going to positively or negatively impact your community?


Friday live it out

We all get up on the wrong side of the bed some days or something puts us in a bad mood. Notice these things today and instead of a single bad thing making you negative–choose positivity! Definitely easier said than done but Joel, Alyssa, and I believe in you!!!!

Saturday You Recap it

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