Celebrating Well by Joel Dunn


Sunday-  We all love to be celebrated. Even though the thought that probably first creeped in to your mind was “I don’t like being celebrated’. [Yes I’m a mind reader] Well I’m just like you. My first thought was I don’t like being celebrated because it’ll be awkward* [*like what are you supposed to do while a bunch of people sing at you and you’re not even allowed to join in… yes I am talking about Happy Birthday] or sometimes celebrations can bring up mixed emotions. I know for me, my birthday always brings up weird emotions [and you can ask me about that in person]. So I want to ask you, do you “Celebrate Well”? I mean do you celebrate others and do you let others celebrate you? We know our God celebrates you with shouts of joy! Zephaniah 3:17. So this week let’s dive a little deeper into “Celebrating Well”.


Monday- Psalm 145 is a special psalm. A special song of David. It was written in an acrostic format, meaning each line starts with a letter of the Hebrew alphabet. If it were in English it would be something like:

A is for apple.

B is for ball.

C is for celebrate

D is for David

E is for Excellence

F is for Florida tried

G is for Georgia won

H is for Hurry up and get to the point!


Before I do, GO READ PSALM 145! So what does it mean to celebrate? Webster’s dictionary tells us to celebrate is “to perform a sacrament or solemn ceremony publicly with appropriate rites, to honor someone or something by refraining from ordinary business, to observe a notable occasion with festivities.”


Although millions of people celebrate the holidays, most people do not know what the celebrations really are about. Some people view holidays as just another day to party. The definition says a celebration is to refrain from ordinary business. In other words, we are to put aside school work and take a day off work to enjoy ourselves, to take a rest from the norm. For some people, celebrating is the norm. All they do is party. They constantly talk about a party they went to, a party they are going to attend or a party they are planning. So when someone says, “Let’s celebrate,” it has no significance for that person. But what if we could bring back the significance of celebrating all God has done for us? Not just on Sundays… but what if we celebrated in all the actions and interactions we have in daily lives? Like not becoming numb to celebrating, but living in such a way people think you are kind of a freak with just how excited you are about celebrating not just the big things…but the everythings!




Tuesday- If you want to change how you could “Celebrate Well” then go find someone to talk to about the way you/we/us can celebrate better in this world! Have you and the person you’re talking with make a list of you how you want to celebrate others better, celebrate yourself better, and most importantly how you want to celebrate God more!


Wednesday- Who was Psalm 145 written for? What is the history and the bigger picture behind Psalm 145? [Yes you can use Google]


Thursday-  Write out below your most favorite celebration you have ever been a part of. Why was it your favorite?


Friday- Go and celebrate someone for no other reason than to just celebrate them! Buy them a cake, or a balloon, or a llama. Go!


Saturday- What did you learn about your relationship with God this week?

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