By Schemeefy Boy


Sunday intro

Patience. We all lose it and become frustrated when others don’t have it. I don’t invest in stocks partly because I am a broke college student but mostly due to my lack of patience. The topic of “Making the Small Choices Count” is more than monetary choices; for me it’s recognizing that what I do today will affect me tomorrow. Just like prioritizing, it takes planning and a consistent practice of your planning.


Monday meat


Have you ever heard the phrase “don’t sweat the small stuff”? Well, I think there’s good intentions behind this saying can be misread as the small things don’t matter. Really it means don’t overreact about little things–it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t put forth effort in seemingly small tasks. Some of the greatest opportunities in life may come from something that seemed small and unimportant. Think of a full-grown tomato plant in a garden. It was once a small seed and I am no gardener but assuming that it was properly taken care of for some time it then produces a tomato. The gardener invests in the seed and knows what will result if he is consist in his seemingly small actions. We’re different in most cases. We don’t know the end result of a small act of kindness or on the other hand, a small act of neglect or negativity. We may never know.

Another idea or concept of the importance of small actions is the butterfly effect. The most common explanation is along the lines of; if a butterfly in Germany flaps its wings today, a month later it may cause a hurricane in Mexico. It seems unlikely that the two are related but it’s impossible to prove that they aren’t. *insert mind explosion here* Hopefully that’s a good enough example to explain it. In other words, it’s the happening of an insignificant event or decision made that has a significant result. Pretty crazy to think that this is true, especially when it comes to history.


Tuesday talk it out with someone

Talk with a parent about a decision they have made that seemed small but resulted in something big.


Wednesday research it


You may already know some but research a couple parables in the Bible that could relate to our topic this week. Mark them down so tomorrow we can reflect on them. Also, since we’re already looking to the Bible, find some passages that show Jesus having patience and some that show Him being impatient.

Thursday reflection

Read the parables you found yesterday. How are they similar? How are they different? Think of how the parable would be told today instead of 2000 years ago.

Now read the passages about Jesus being patient/impatient. Same first two questions; similar? Different? Is impatience a sin? Why/why not? Look back at the passages.


Friday live it out

During the school year Fridays are the best but in the summer they can lose their glamour and excitement. Bring it back and live out what we’ve looked at this week. I’m not saying think about every little decision you make because there’s a lot (like 30,000) of decisions made daily by you. However, take the time to slow down and recognize that God has given you the ability to make small choices, big choices, and everything in between. There’s a reason for this; any choice can lead to a significant result.

Saturday You Recap it

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